Academy Details

What is the Agribusiness Leadership Academy?

The Academy is a six session, 18-month program focused on growing the leaders the industry needs today.

The Agribusiness Leadership Academy is a direct result of investments in the Grow Iowa’s Future campaign.and exists as a result of the generous donations of others within agribusiness who care about the future of the industry.

This extensive, 18-month program is built to allow development of key employees into leaders so agribusiness can thrive for generations to come. A combination of intensive two-day sessions, on the job application of learning, peer interaction, and a mentorship program all combine to produce leaders who are ready to lead the industry for years to come.

Program Synopsis

  • Session 1 - Leading Self
  • Session 2 - Leading with Communication
  • Session 3 - Leading with Business Acumen
  • Session 4 - Leading through Advocacy
  • Session 5 - Leading with Results
  • Session 6 - Leadership in Action

For a more detailed view of the current Academy sessions, download the PDF brochure.

Who should apply to be a part of the Academy?

How to Identify Academy Candidates

  • Managers/employees with at least five years of experience
  • Have some supervisory responsibilities within the company
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative and show humility
  • Able to listen as well as they speak

Candidates with these four core traits are the most ready to benefit their business once they have completed the Iowa Agribusiness Leadership Academy.

What is the tuition for the Academy?

If an Agribusiness Leadership Academy applicant is chosen to become a cohort member, the investment is $7500.

Investment Includes:

  • Interactions and insights from experienced leaders, professionals, and industry experts
  • All Academy workshop materials
  • Access to an assigned Industry Mentor
  • All lodging, meals, and activities

What are the requirements for participation?

Candidate Required Commitments

  • A desire and commitment to learn, grow, and be challenged
  • Attendance at all of the Leadership Academy growth workshops during the 18 month program
  • Proper session preparation by completing all assigned reading and materials, utilizing mentor interactions, and participating in cohort discussions
  • Signed support agreement by both the academy candidate and the employer

Employer Required Commitments

  • Leadership development investment in employee
  • Travel expenses to and from Academy workshops

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