Chris Murray Stewardship Award

About the Award

The AAI Foundation is committed to supporting stewardship projects that seek to improve and assure responsible environmental stewardship in both urban and rural areas. This scholarship was established in honor of Chris Murray and his dedication to protecting the environment. Chris Murray served AAI for many years on the board of directors and as President, prior to actually joining AAI as a vice president in 1998.

Considerations for these grants are given to applicants who cannot obtain financial assistance from the government or other sources and/or who need additional financial assistance to precede on approved projects from these sources.

Financial grants from the fund are available for purposes relevant to the agricultural segment industries: crop protection, feed and livestock, plant food, grain, and seed.


Applicants are asked to present a written proposal for the project in no more than two pages of goals to accomplish well-defined objectives, timelines, and measurable results. Initial proposals must be submitted by January 15th annually. Foundation approved proposals will receive notification to submit final grant applications that will be due by March 15th of each year. Awards will be made by May 15th of the same year.

Examples of projects for which grants will be accepted include:

  • Proactive projects which can lead to safer, innovative, and/or environmentally sound practices that can¬†realistically have practical application to agriculture.
  • Projects that present an objective, factual and balanced approach to environmental regulation, economic development and educational programs at public and private schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Assistance to better enable individuals and ag retailers to take advantage of proactive measures with respect to matters such as brownfields activity, minor point source contamination, environmental audits, and new types of equipment with potential, but unproven, efficiencies.
  • Supplement grants with programs of governmental agencies such as the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as they benefit the ag retail industry.

Specific grant application criteria and expectations will be sent following receipt of approved proposals.

If you would like to receive notification when the application is available, please fill out our Scholarship Notification Form.